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Monday, November 19, 2018
By Meghan Vallery Photography
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2 can(s) crescent rolls

1 pkg. of sweet potato patties (cut in half)

2c. brown sugar

1c. water

1 stick butter

1tbsp. vanilla extract

1tbsp. cornstarch

1 c. pecans (optional)

Cinnamon for sprinkling on top



1. Preheat oven to 350 F

2. Cut each patty in half. Open and unroll the crescent rolls. Separate the triangles.

Place each patty on the wide end of each triangle. Roll the potato in the roll, as you do tuck in edges.

(doesn't have to be perfect, potato doesn't have to be covered)

3. After you finishing rolling them up , line in a 9x13 glass baking dish. Place them with the crescent roll facing down (I love my Pioneer Woman glass baker & it's pretty too. Link at bottom of page.They're a great price.)

4. In a Microwaveable bowl, add water, butter, sugar & cornstarch. Microwave until butter is melted. Add Vanilla extract.  Make sure its mixed well so the cornstarch doesn't clump. 

5. Pour sugar mix over the crescent rolls. Sprinkle with cinnamon & pecans if using them. Bake at 350F for 30-35 minutes (until tops of rolls are good dark golden brown)


Enjoy & share the recipe with friends. They will drool over these, I've made them for 3 years now & they're always a huge hit on the holidays. 

Tag #mvalleryphoto with pictures of your yummy dumplings. 


Monday, September 17, 2018
By Meghan Vallery Photography
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Cotton Mini's Schedule 2018

Monday Sept. 17th

Sissy Taylor 6:40

Kodi Mercer 7:10


Thursday Sept. 20th

Chelsea Thomas 7:10


Friday Sept. 21st

April McMurray 6:40

Brittany Crawford 7:10


Saturday Sept. 22nd

Yolonda Rowton 6:30

Kathy Jennings Bond 7:00

Chelsea Holcomb 7:15


Saturday Sept. 29th

Kacey Ezell 6:30

Keisha Wintz 7:00

Allison Howard 7:20

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
By Meghan Vallery Photography
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I've had lots of great families this fall/winter season. I've had several large families and it's always a lot of work capturing a large family, but I enjoy every minute of it. Seeing the diversity of each family member is always so interesting to me. Each sibling is always so diverse from each other even when raised in the same home. It is fun to watch big families come together for portraits , because I can relate very well to large families coming from a large family myself. I also know that it's a lot of work to coordinate the outfits, get the guys to cooperate ( this is one of the hardest things) and then last minute outfit changes etc etc etc.. So, when I have a big family I always try to lighten the mood & get them to relax from the stress of trying to get all the babies to cooperate & get everyone together. I had a lot of help with this session, this family had a built in fashionista that coordinated their outfits like they stepped straight off of a Pinterest post :)

I recently met this family. One of the family members had a prior session with me & we hit it off immediately. So i was thrilled when Mrs. Harris called me to book a Family session for the whole crew. We setup plans for this session & from the instant the session started and I met the family in person, it felt like we had been acquainted for years. We laughed, cut up and had the best time getting the shots Mrs. Harris requested. 

I always ask each family for a few fun facts about themselves. Here are a few I've gathered about the Harris Family.

Mr. & Mrs. Harris have been married 14 years. Together they have made a great home for their 4 children to grow up and enjoy their lives. Corbin, is the oldest son, He is a great provider/ husband to their daughter- in- law Amanda & the best dad to Sweet Reid and Stella. Shanna, is the oldest daughter, she will graduate  college in December with a Bachelors in Science of Nursing. She is also the fashion queen who helped coordinate the families outfits. Conley the middle son, followed in his fathers footsteps and graduated from UAM in E & I School. He is also engaged to be married to Nikki in the Spring of 2018. Then there is the caboose of the family, Baylee. She will be graduating High School in May of 2018 and start college life. 2018 will be an exciting year for the Harris family, as they will be adding grand baby #3.  

Thursday, November 09, 2017
By Meghan Vallery Photography
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Sugar & Spice and everything nice that's what lil' girls are made of, and that is what this lifestyle session was made of, all things girly and sweet. The Owens family have become great clients. So when they asked me to capture a lifestyle portrait session for them in their home, I was ecstatic. They have a beautiful home and it was the perfect setting to capture this timeless portrait session. I captured the family as a whole having bonding time. Big Sister time with baby girl & then of course mom rocking the new babygirl and dad loving on their sweet new bundle. Big Sister went to her room to play and I snuck in to get a few of those "lifestyle" portraits. Then lastly a few traditional newborn portraits. It was an amazing session from start to finish. One of my favorite ideas I seen at this portrait session, is a super cute idea for families of two girls. I just loved it. Big Sister has all things purple, she is their lil' purple princess  & Baby Sister has all things pink she is their lil' pink princess. I thought this was the cutest thing ever. I truly enjoyed my time with this family & was honored to share in these special moments and capture portraits of one of the greatest times in life, welcoming a new bundle of joy.

Friday, November 03, 2017
By Meghan Vallery Photography
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Prior to Fall sessions every year, there is another type of session we capture here in this lil' country town, they are a HUGE hit here in Louisiana, it's cotton field sessions. These are personally some of my favorite sessions. I had so much fun this year with these sessions & cannot wait to share all the beautiful families with you guys.

I learned last year to wait until right before sunset & shoot when the sun is setting over the cotton field.  This is one of the prettiest things through the lens of a camera. It makes me thankful to be raised in the country. Cotton fields are just a part of our everyday life. You can drive down the road and see miles of cotton, it's part of the livelihood of so many in Louisiana & it's just an added bonus that it makes for beautiful portraits. I captured the Faulk's late one afternoon & the lighting could not have been better, the sunset was beautiful and their session turned out great!

This is a very special family in our community so I wanted to share a lil' about this family. Mr. Faulk lets me use his cotton fields every year, so I am always honored to be able to capture his sweet family. I have enjoyed getting to know them & their kids are always so nice and respectful, always willing to help me carry my equipment and a true pleasure to be around. This family is very involved in our local community. Mr. Faulk is the President for Franklin Parish Farm Bureau & a local farmer. Mrs. Faulk is the women's chairperson for Farm Bureau & the board president and JV cheer coach at Franklin Academy. The oldest of the two sons, George Adam, plays on the Franklin Academy football team and works with his Father farming. Katelynn, plays basketball and cheers at Franklin Academy. The youngest of the two sons, John Randall, plays tackle football for the Franklin Parish team. The Faulks are heavily involved in many aspects of our local community & are active members of the Bouef River Baptist Church. They are a great representation of Franklin Parish and we are proud to have them in our community!